Tor Loco – Asset Management

Monitor and manage your vehicles and its needs at a glance.

Advanced fleet tracking system for your business with Tor Loco

Monitor and manage your vehicles with ease and gain complete control of your entire fleet to improve productivity, run-time, mileage with our in-depth reporting making your operations cost effective.

Tor Loco – Asset Management Use Cases

Fleet Management in Construction Industry

Fleet Management in Construction Industry

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Electric Vehicle Telematics

Electric Vehicle Telematics

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Heavy Equipment Tracking

Heavy Equipment Tracking

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Fleet Management for Warehousing and Logistics

Fleet Management for Warehousing and Logistics

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Map view of all vehicles

View your vehicle’s location, status, and current speed through an online map.

Near real-time vehicle tracking

See near real-time GPS location and speed of vehicles. Data is updated every 60 seconds

Fuel consumption insights​

Review the vehicle’s fuel refills and consumption trends.


Get alerted to breach of perimeters.

Manage fleet productivity

RPM measurement allows you to monitor the productive run time of your fleet.

Route map of all vehicles

Track and observe the travelling routes of vehicles.

Bird's eye view of all equipment

Attach equipment to sites located across a large geographical area.

EV monitoring

See state of charge and Distance to empty insights on the application.

Forklift monitoring

Monitor the performance of your forklifts including track-on times and lift on times.

Comprehensive equipment monitoring

Integrate sensors and capture all important parameters for end-to-end monitoring.

Built in Maintenance Scheduler

Keep maintenance schedules based on time, run hours or distance (kms) travelled. 

Eliminate manual log sheets

 Eliminate manual reporting requirements through digital auto-generated log sheets.

End to End visibility at a click of a button

Get insights into vehicle availability and productivity across the complete value chain. The solution covers all types of vehicles from conventional engine powered pick-up trucks to electric vehicles to forklifts.

Unleash the power of Edge Analytics

Tor, our industrial gateway, calculates important productivity related parameters such as Run hours, onboard leading to unmatched measurement accuracy.

Utilize assets with better reporting

Help improve equipment ROI by managing engine hours with construction equipment GPS tracking. Get in-depth reporting of usage, idle times and fuel consumption to highlight equipment usage trends for better job bidding.

Be alerted before maintenance need arises

Create service reminders and maintenance schedules for oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks,etc. to help improve uptime and keep jobs on schedule. Choose who receives alerts to handle maintenance more efficiently.

Prevent equipment breakdowns

Capture various equipment parameters either through sensors or over CAN J1939 protocol. Understand overloading and alarming conditions to prevent vehicle breakdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset monitoring is used to understand the real-world usage of critical and expensive assets such as earth moving machines, CNC machines and other equipment. The aim of monitoring these assets is to ensure that they are productive, are being maintained and are located at the place they are intended to be. Asset monitoring helps meet important compliance requirements as well as helps you plan asset deployments and fleet expansion.

Any equipment that consumes power in some form or the other and delivers an output is compatible with the Tor IoT system. Our deployments include stationery equipment like gensets, compressors and chillers to moving equipment like dumpers, backhoe loaders and excavators.

We have a wide network of partners that assist in the installation.

We provide one year warranty for the edge gateway as standard.

Yes, the application is fully configurable and supports customized reports.

The Tor IoT system is cloud-enabled. You don’t need any specific infrastructure for deploying the system.

The TOR IoT system is inherently secure. It is fully certified and complies with the latest global standards of IT security.

Yes, the Tor IoT system can be deployed on-premise.

Yes, it is possible to port the Tor IoT data to third party analytics applications through restful APIs.

Typical deployment times vary from 1 week to 12 weeks, depending on the application complexity.

We provide SIM management services for activation, deactivation and managing compliances.

The cost varies depending on the application area. Please contact us for the latest pricing information.

Drop us your contact details here and our team will get back to you ASAP.

Edge Gateway

Tor Loco Gateway

  • 10-40V power supply
  • 4G/3G/2G wireless connectivity
  • CE & RoHS certification
  • IP 65 enclosure
  • Built in accelerometer

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Monitor and manage your construction fleet with ease to improve traceability and productivity.


Get complete insight into utility equipment like Energy, Genset, Water & HVAC functions and monitor their real-time status, resource consumption & maintenance schedules.

Electric Vehicle

Oversee real-world performance and utilization of your EV fleet in near real-time with our all-in-one solution.

Mining and Contracting

Track your heavy equipment movement with ease and manage your construction site with our in-depth reporting.


Digitalize your operations to improve product quality and reduce cost.

Warehouse and Logistics

Gain complete control of your entire fleet to improve productivity.


Monitor your Genset in real-time for improved efficiency and customised service through our end-to-end solution.


Digitalize your operations to improve product quality and reduce cost.


Manage overall asset health, function and performance efficiency in real-time through our end-to-end customised solution.


Understand the energy consumption pattern of the most important loads of your foundry including the melt shop.

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